Gold Travertine Wall Stone

    Gold Travertine Wall Stone

    Wall Stone Gold Travertine

    Gold Travertine Wall Stone has a powerful yellow-brown color effect; this natural stone will bring your garden to life. The stones, which shine gold and yellow in the sun, have a real impact. This extraordinary natural stone makes every garden shine. The rustic tumbled view of the stones is reminiscent of Tuscany. The bricks are available at three different heights. We also offer wall coverings in various lengths.

    This looks wonderfully warm and solid golden yellow brick in rows. The delightful interplay of light and shadow reinforces this effect.

    The natural stone wall stone “travertine” appears in a beautiful yellow-gold color. A wall with this stone looks warm and unobtrusive. The brick is available in three different formats, and it can also be ordered in other colors. The surfaces of this brick are broken on the two long edges; the two front sides are sawn. You can also buy the cover plates and block steps in a polished finish. Every natural stone is unique. Walls made of natural stone integrate wonderfully into the naturalness of outdoor facilities. Easy to care for and at the same time robust, the natural stone wall gives its owner a life-long pleasure.

    Our weather-resistant and frost-proof We offer bricks in numerous natural colors so that your creativity knows no bounds are set. Sometimes as a harmonious extension thought of terraces and paths, sometimes as livelier Natural stone walls are a contrast to the vegetation’s timeless way of expressing life in tune with the immediate surroundings.

    Properties of Gold Travertine Wall Stone

    Due to the beautiful yellow Gold surface with dark brown grain, the natural stone wall is unobtrusive and natural. Since natural stones have different patterns and colors from the ground up, each brick is unique. The color differences make natural stone masonry so attractive.

    The garden wall made of natural stone is not only insensitive to dirt because the natural look covers any land; it is also robust and weather-resistant if it is correctly installed.

    Product Code: KRTS -GTWSTBRKS7515225

    Type of natural stone: Travertine
    Color: Light-Dark Brown Yellow
    Surface and Edges: Front and back rough, antique tumbled
    Application Area: Natural stone walls, privacy wall, embankment wall, decorative wall, property wall, dry stone wall in the garden.
    Water Absorption Rate: 3% – 7%
    Thinset & Grout
    Usak Gold Travertine Quarry
    Stone Origin:
    Sizes: 3 stone heights = 7.5 cm / 15 cm / 22.5 cm
    Freestone lengths = 20 – 50 cm
    Wall thickness = approx. 18 – 20 cm

    Usage Area: Gold Travertine Wall Stone Bricks

    Wall: yes
    Frost-proof: yes
    Indoor use: No
    Outside area: yes
    Wet area: yes
    Antibacterial: Yes
    Scratch-Resistant: Yes
    Break resistance: Yes
    Permanent wet area: Yes
    Splash water area: Yes
    Easy to Install and maintain: Yes


    Durable and hardwearing
    Elegant, unique, and timeless
    High durability and strength
    Environmental friendly