Gold Tumbled Travertine Tiles

    Gold Tumbled Travertine Tiles

    Gold travertine natural stone tiles

    Each room becomes an experience with Gold Tumbled Travertine Tiles. This stone radiates a pleasant and warm living flair with its gold-colored look. The intense colors in connection with the beautiful, appealing play of colors make this natural stone floor something extraordinary. Hardly any other natural stone is so powerful in its charisma and fits so well with an antique style of living.

    “Do you know it? Already written, Goethe is enthusiastic about Italy, the country of blooming lemons and golden ones ranges. If the Mediterranean you love a world of colors, then Sivas Golden Yellow is your Stone. Here is the harmony of different sensory impressions clear: the ancient surface of travertine is critical in the Roman Association.

    Gold Tumbled Travertine Tiles

    The surface processing of the tumble gives the natural stone a rustic view, which gives this floor covering its exceptional appeal. If you like warm and cozy natural stone colors, you should not think twice about these stone tiles.
    Gold Travertine Tiles has a place of honor in construction and decoration. The uniqueness of travertine is that it represents an intermediate connection between limestone and marble and successfully combines the favorable properties of both minerals.
    Professional designers recommend the best travertine for your home, office, apartment, or other room or street decoration. In addition, the stone perfectly tolerates weather conditions, extreme temperatures, and severe frosts. Gold Travertine tiles are suitable for interior decoration, facade cladding, and paving.

    Today the market is filled with many modern materials for cladding, decorating, and building and premises. Nevertheless, natural materials still occupy the leading position. The most common and popular is still Gold travertine tiles.

    Gold Tumbled Travertine Tiles Directly from the Producer

    One of the most common Gold Tumbled Travertine Tiles was usually used for floors in ancient times. Today, natural stone is also trendy for finishing. The gold travertine finish is key to its strength and durability. The wide range of gold travertine stone and its impeccable performance features open up many possibilities for use in interior or exterior decoration and rooms.

    Gold travertine often becomes the material for manufacturing decorative wall panels, floor or wall tiles, doors, massive columns, window sills, and countertops for the kitchen or bathroom. Gold travertine made of shades is a relatively light, porous structural material that allows you to transform the interior of any room beyond recognition.

    Warm, calm, and at the same time, aristocratic colors blend harmoniously into any environment. The stone decoration is an excellent solution for impressive cottages and large city apartments or offices.

    A fireplace, countertops, tiles, columns, or window sills made of Gold travertine look aristocratic and expensive at any time, regardless of fashion trends. The stone perfectly tolerates the grinding or polishing process and causes a minimum of problems during operation.

    Product Code: KRTS -GTTTP1012203050

    Product description:

    Material: Travertine
    Type: Tiles and pavers
    Color: (Yellow) Gold
    Optics: Wall Covering, floor covering
    Format: different sizes and thickness
    Available Finishes: Honed, Tumbled, Sawn, Polished, Brushed, Chiseled, Edge, Sandblasting, Bullnose
    Usage area: Living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, hall
    Water Absorption Rate: 3% – 7%
    Installation: Thinset & Grout
    Edge Type: Square
    Stone Origin: Turkey
    Quarry: Sivas
    Production: Afyonkarahisar
    Available Stone size in mm: 10mm / 12mm / 20mm / 30mm / 50mm
    Available Tile dimensions in mm and inch:
    4″x4″x3/8″ – 100x100x10mm
    3″x6″x3/8″ – 75x150x10mm
    6″x6″x3/8″ – 150x150x10mm
    8″x8″x3/8″ – 200x200x10mm
    12″x12″x3/8″ – 305x305x10mm
    12″x24″x3/8″ – 305x610x10mm
    16″x16″x1/2″ – 406x406x12mm
    16″x24″x1/2″ – 406x610x12mm
    1/2″ 12mm French Pattern Set
    1/2″ 12mm Opus Pattern Set

    Wall: yes
    Floor: Yes
    Frost-proof: yes
    Indoor use: yes
    Outside area: yes
    Wet area: yes
    Permanent wet area: No
    Antibacterial: Yes
    Scratch-Resistant: Yes
    Break resistance: Yes
    Splash water area: Yes
    Easy to lay and maintain: Yes


    Durable and hardwearing
    Cool under the foot
    Natural Travertine produced in Turkey
    Elegant, unique, and timeless
    Smooth finished Travertine
    High durability and strength
    Environmental friendly
    Suitable for underfloor heating
    Antique tumbled edges

    Suitable for:

    Stepping stones
    Garden paths and walkways
    Patio and alfresco areas
    Entertaining areas
    Pool areas (salt resistant)*
    Indoor or outdoor applications
    Pool Drop Edge Coping
    Water Reservoir
    Window sills
    Chimney cladding
    Kitchen countertops
    Terrace coverings