Rustic Mix Travertine Wall Stone

    Rustic Mix Travertine Wall Stone

    Wall Stone Rustix Mix Travertine

    Rustic Mix Travertine Wall Stone look more realistic due to the slightly larger holes and imperfections. The particularly rustic, Mediterranean-looking travertine wall also has a beautiful play of colors between light and dark beige or brown and gray tones. Another significant advantage is the low price of this wall.

    The natural stone Rustic Mix Travertine Wall creates unique masonry in outdoor areas. A wall with this stone looks warm and of high quality. Rustic Mix Travertine Wall stones are delightful special items. They look wonderfully natural in your garden, as they are made from only raw material. Natural stones are easy to care for, robust, and ideal for outdoor use. The surfaces of this brick are broken on the two long edges; the two front sides are sawn. The brick is available in three different formats, and it can also be ordered in other colors.

    “Keep your love for nature because that is the right way to understand art better. This one Vincent van Gogh’s advice may have been related not to natural stone walls but can be done without more on the qualities of this perennial favorite in the garden transfer. Once limited dry stone walls made of natural stone ancient fields and slopes, later in the They served as massive bulwarks against the Middle Ages unwanted intruders. Today there are many possible uses: whether as a border for flower beds, high privacy protection, or a wide seat wall, natural stone looks good on any property.

    Properties of Rustic Mix Travertine Wall Stone

    Due to the beautiful, light surface with a wide variety of brown and gray tones. Wall Stone in this look constantly forms a unique natural stone wall. The natural stones are unique. It is the color differences that make such masonry so attractive. A garden wall made of natural stone is not only insensitive to dirt but also robust and weatherproof if it is installed correctly.

    Product Code: KRTS -RMTWSBKS7515225

    Type of natural stone: Travertine
    Color: Light beige-Dark Brown
    Surface and Edges: Front and back rough, antique tumbled
    Application Area: Natural stone walls, privacy wall, embankment wall, decorative wall, property wall, dry stone wall in the garden
    Water Absorption Rate: 3% – 7%
    Thinset & Grout
    Stone Origin:
    Sizes: 3 stone heights = 7.5 cm / 15 cm / 22.5 cm
    Freestone lengths = 20 – 50 cm
    Wall thickness = approx. 18 – 20 cm

    Usage Area: Rustic Mix Travertine Wall Stone Bricks

    Wall: yes
    Frost-proof: yes
    Indoor use: No
    Outside area: yes
    Wet area: yes
    Antibacterial: Yes
    Scratch-Resistant: Yes
    Break resistance: Yes
    Permanent wet area: Yes
    Splash water area: Yes
    Easy to Install and maintain: Yes


    Durable and hardwearing
    Elegant, unique, and timeless
    High durability and strength
    Environmental friendly