Silver Travertine 3D Mosaic

    Silver Travertine 3D Mosaic

    Silver Travertine 3D Mosaic honed surface is quite popular. It creates a Mediterranean flair and convinces with a charming feel.

    Silver Travertine 3D Mosaic

    Silver Travertine is a grey, soft white-colored. This stone is ideally suited as a wall covering with its rustic, Mediterranean character. The warm and, at the same time, modest colors create a cozy ambiance. The honed surface gives it a unique look. This natural stone is a more or less porous limestone consisting almost exclusively of calcium carbonate. Travertine creates beautiful architectural works in many different eras and styles, proving its strength and durability for decades.

    With its warm tones, a travertine wall 3d Mosaic creates a mainly Mediterranean and, at the same time, a cozy ambiance in your home. Silver Travertine is therefore very popular as a natural stone wall covering.

    wall-facing stone with corner pieces to cover external corners. This wall-facing brick gives your wall the look of an ancient wall. Decide on the right wall and then on this stone. What a difference! This wall-facing stone will make a difference in your room.

    Product Code: KRTS – ST3DM1130

    Product Description:

    Material: Travertine
    Color: Blue/ Grey
    Optics: Wall Covering
    Format: Square
    Surface: honed or Polished
    Stone size in mm:
    Water Absorption Rate: 3% – 7%
    Installation: Thinset & Grout
    Stone Origin: Turkey
    Quarry: Emirdag
    Production: Afyonkarahisar
    Stone Origin: Turkey
    Usage area: Living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, hall

    Usage Area:

    Wall: yes
    Floor: No
    Frost-proof: yes
    Indoor use: yes
    Outside area: yes
    Wet area: yes
    Antibacterial: Yes
    Scratch-Resistant: Yes
    Break resistance: Yes
    Permanent wet area: No
    Splash water area: Yes
    Easy to Install and maintain: Yes


    Durable and hardwearing
    Elegant, unique, and timeless
    High durability and strength
    Environmental friendly