Travertine Tiles Noce Tumbled

    Travertine Tiles Noce Tumbled

    Excellent Noce Travertine tiles tumbled design ideas

    This brown limestone impresses its rustic, Mediterranean look and is ideal as a floor and wall covering. The warm color creates a cozy room ambiance. Its unpacked, tumbled surface gives it a unique look. The stone is still open-pored on delivery, and is fully grouted with a natural stone grout. In addition to the joints, this also closes the natural, characteristic pores. The significant advantage is that the pores’ joints and filling have the same color. This stone is also happy to be combined with our material travertine classic.

    Noce Travertine Turkey

    Warm shades of brown for your home

    Green grass, the rustle of the treetops, and fresh, natural air – all of this come to mind when you look at the travertine Noce. Bring a piece of untouched nature into your home with this stone. Combined with furnishing elements made of wood, a harmonious overall picture in country house style is created. Glass and metal elements frame the Mediterranean ambiance with a touch of modern elegance.

    Great natural ambiance with Noce travertine

    The rustic look and the warm appearance make this stone something special.

    The stone’s surface is tumbled and gives the stone a special touch. Tumbled surfaces are trendy because of their soft and velvety feel and invite you to go barefoot. Due to the processing, the stone, with its subtle rustic effect, fits very well in a natural country house.

    It is worth taking a close look

    We have carefully selected the warm colors that are characteristic of this travertine. Depending on the quarry, the color varies from washed-out, pale shades to the original Noce tones.
    We must offer the stone in its natural, unadulterated form with its characteristic brown tones between honey and nut brown.

    Characteristics of Noce tumbled travertine

    Typical of travertine is its hole structure that makes up the charm of this stone. In contrast to polished travertine tiles, the holes of which are sealed at the top during manufacture, tumbled travertine tiles are open-pore. Only when laying are the holes filled with grout.

    Ambiance with a touch of modern elegance.

    Mediterranean tiles bring a piece of vacation into your home. Warm colors set everyday life in the background and make you dream of the sun. The appearance is crucial for the Mediterranean character of the tiles. Warm earth tones are characteristic of the Mediterranean style of living. Let yourself be surprised by the natural, southern charm of Noce Travertine.

    Noce Travertine on the Terrace

    If you want a natural stone terrace, we recommend Noce Travertine. Travertine is very resistant, weatherproof, and frost-resistant. There are no limits to the design options due to our vast selection of different noce travertine tiles. The best way to create a terrace with natural stone is with travertine. Please take a look at our examples first to get inspiration.

    Our Noce Travertine tile prices

    Noce Travertine tiles are available at many prices and quality levels. Despite this, they are more expensive than the cheap tile you can buy in the hardware store. Because of the cost, some buyers favor fine stone tiles. That is more of a short-term idea. Due to everyday use, it quickly becomes clear why natural stone tiles are more expensive. The durability is much higher, and the look is more elegant. An alternative floor covering such as a parquet or carpet quickly loses its new impression. In short, ask us about the natural stone tile prices, and we will find the right solution.

    Noce Travertine tiles in the bathroom

    In the bathroom, tiles made of Noce Travertine have one requirement – they have to be slip-resistant. This is achieved through the particular surface. Noce Travertine also needs a certain amount of care.

    Noce Travertine tiles for the Wall Cladding

    Decorating the wall is very easy with Noce Travertine. The variants are significant, whether as a tile with or without a mosaic. Not only the bathroom design becomes more elegant with tiles made of natural stone. Individual walls can also be used as an accent. Facing bricks such as straps made of Noce Travertine are also modern again. Natural stone tiles are so flexible that they also enhance the look outside. Because of their robustness, you can also deal with frost.

    Noce Travertine tiles for the floor

    Noce Travertine tiles conduct the heat from underfloor heating. In short, warm feet are guaranteed even in the cold wintertime. Noce Travertine Tiles offer a pleasant coolness on the foot in summer.

    Noce Travertine tiles have a neutral odor and create a cozy atmosphere in the room. Ideal for underfloor heating. The heat is transmitted perfectly over the entire floor. Even after the heating is switched off, the tiles retain heat for a long time.

    Product Code: KRTS -TTNTMBL1012203050

    Product description:

    Material: Travertine
    Type: Tiles and pavers
    Color: Dark Brown
    Optics: Wall Covering, floor covering
    Format: different sizes and thickness
    Available Finishes: Honed, Tumbled, Sawn, Polished, Brushed, Chiseled, Edge, Sandblasting, Bullnose
    Usage area: Living room, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, hall
    Water Absorption Rate: 3% – 7%
    Installation: Thinset & Grout
    Edge Type: Square
    Stone Origin: Turkey
    Quarry: Manisa and Afyonkarahisar
    Production: Afyonkarahisar
    Available Stone size in mm: 10mm / 12mm / 20mm / 30mm / 50mm
    Available Tile dimensions in mm and inch:
    4″x4″x3/8″ – 100x100x10mm
    3″x6″x3/8″ – 75x150x10mm
    6″x6″x3/8″ – 150x150x10mm
    8″x8″x3/8″ – 200x200x10mm
    12″x12″x3/8″ – 305x305x10mm
    12″x24″x3/8″ – 305x610x10mm
    16″x16″x1/2″ – 406x406x12mm
    16″x24″x1/2″ – 406x610x12mm
    1/2″ 12mm French Pattern Set
    1/2″ 12mm Opus Pattern Set

    Available Paver dimensions in mm and inch:
    6″x12″x1,25″ – 150x305x30mm
    12″x12″x1,25″ – 305x305x30mm
    12″x24″x1,25″ – 305x610x30mm
    16″x16″x1,25″ – 406x406x30mm
    16″x24″x1,25″ – 406x610x30mm
    1,25″ French Pattern x 30mm

    Usage Area: Travertine Tiles Noce Tumbled

    Wall: yes
    Floor: Yes
    Frost-proof: yes
    Indoor use: yes
    Outside area: yes
    Wet area: yes
    Antibacterial: Yes
    Scratch-Resistant: Yes
    Break resistance: Yes
    Permanent wet area: No
    Splash water area: Yes
    Easy to lay and maintain: Yes


    Durable and hardwearing
    Cool under the foot
    Natural Travertine produced in Turkey
    Elegant, unique, and timeless
    Smooth finished Travertine
    High durability and strength
    Environmental friendly
    Suitable for underfloor heating
    Antique tumbled edges

    Suitable for:

    Stepping stones
    Garden paths and walkways
    Patio and alfresco areas
    Entertaining areas
    Pool areas (salt resistant)*
    Indoor or outdoor applications
    Pool Drop Edge Coping
    Water Reservoir
    Window sills
    Chimney cladding
    Kitchen countertops
    Terrace coverings