Travertine Tumbled Brick Tile

    Travertine Tumbled Brick Tile

    Silver Travertine Tile Tumbled Brick

    Silver Travertine Tile Tumbled Brick, in the first place, has a unique flair for both rustic and modern interiors. Since signs of wear are desirable for Tumbled Brick, tumbled travertine looks elegant in kitchens and bathrooms without any problems. As a matter of fact the Tumbled Silver Travertine fits as Floor Tiles and Wall Tiles.
    Kartas Marble Mosaic offers you a wide range of Silver Travertine tumbled Travertine tiles in various formats.

    Ivory Travertine Tile Brick

    Ivory Travertine Tile Tumbled Brick is suitable for designing indoor and Wall Tiles. The Light Beige Color results in the characteristic look of the respective natural stone. Ivory Travertine Tile Tumbled aims to achieve a smooth surface structure and a specific shape. These bricks’ resulting oval or round shape creates an attractive look that perfectly fits indoor projects.

    Tuscany Travertine Tile Brick

    Tuscany Travertine Tile Tumbled Brick is a decorative object in the living room areas; the completely smooth surface, which reveals the inner structure of the stone, is beautiful. Depending on the size, tumbled natural stones are decorative wall and floor tiles. Since all sharp-edged corners have a tumbled process, natural stones are also suitable for walking barefoot and have a specific slip resistance. Tuscany Travertine Tile Tumbled Brick has ideal properties for sure-footedness and aesthetics.

    Rustic Travertine Tile Brick

    Rustic Travertine Tile Tumbled Brick refreshes any room while appearing natural and dedicated. With its creamy-Browny color and delicate open pores, The flooring has a handmade finish with tumbled edges that looks high-quality without dominating the room.

    Rustic Travertine Tile Tumbled Brick impresses its more lively inclusions and rustic but high-quality effect.
    Creamy and beige to brownish shades are a part of this as intensive veining and inclusions.

    The surface of these bricks is porous and honed. After honing, the bricks are antique in an extra process, colloquially named “tumbled.”

    Noce Travertine Tile Brick

    Noce Travertine Tile Tumbled Brick With light to dark brown natural colors, this stone floor conveys a pleasant, cozy living atmosphere.

    The surface of this Travertine Tumbled Brick Tile is porous and polished. After smoothing, the individual tiles are antique in an extra process, colloquially called “tumbled.”

    Additionally the Noce Travertine Tile Brick is an absolute bestseller.
    With its brown coloring and harmonious nuances, this natural stone is a true all-rounder and brings Mediterranean flair into your home.

    The characteristics of travertine Brick tile

    Is the travertine durable?

    Travertine is limestone and is one of the soft rocks. However, that does not mean that there are disadvantages in terms of robustness. On the contrary, many ancient travertine buildings have been preserved without problems for hundreds of years.

    Is the travertine Brick non-slip?

    In addition to its longevity, the travertine is slip-resistant. The following clause applies the more unsophisticated the surface, the more support the natural stone surface offers. Instead, you should opt for a tumbled or brushed surface for your floor in the wet area!

    Is the travertine frostproof?

    A 100% frost protection cannot be given, but the open pores of the natural stone offer clear advantages in frosty temperatures. If the stone is laid properly, rainwater can drain away. Water residues do not remain in the joints or on the natural stone and prevent later frost damage.

    How is the travertine usable!

    Is it the new living room design in the Mediterranean or a warm-looking kitchen? Whether rustic wall tiles in a country house flair as wall tile bricks, Mediterranean floor tiles in the interior, or luxurious pool surrounds, there are no limits to the design possibilities.

    In which variants is the travertine available?

    You can choose between very light and cream-beige to a beautiful noce, Tuscany, Ivory variant of travertine.

    Due to the light structure and the gentle transition of the colors, the travertine harmonizes very well in living areas and the garden. Whether a rustic or premium quality – discreet designs looks elegant in the living areas.