Travertine Tile Specifications

    Travertine Tile Specifications

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    Travertine, valued as a high-quality natural stone for centuries, is the ideal limestone for your home. The effect of travertine tiles is exceptionally varied. The natural stone tiles in pleasant, natural earth tones appear timeless and noble and, at the same time, spread a cozy feeling of space.

    We offer you travertine tiles in various surface treatments – tumbled, filled, and sanded, or filled and polished. Every surface treatment gives the stone a unique appearance – from the Mediterranean to modern to classic. The tumbled surface is trendy. It creates a Mediterranean flair, paired with a charming feel.

    Travertine tiles for every living style

    Travertine is very popular as a natural stone due to its unique, diverse appearance. We offer you a selection of different variants of travertine tiles for indoor use: the warm colors range from light beige to a brownish, darker color. Travertine tiles spread an antique flair and appear friendly and elegant at the same time. Due to their versatile appearance, travertine tiles can be combined with various living styles. Natural and, at the same time, noble – the unique charm of natural stone tiles.

    Surface treatment for travertine tiles: tumbled, not filled

    Depending on how the surface of the travertine tiles was treated, the appearance is entirely different. Light tiles such as the Classic Light variant, tumbled, not filled, spread a Mediterranean flair, and appear varied due to the structured surface. When laying, the stone is supplied with open pores and fully grouted with a natural stone mortar. This creates an attractive overall picture in which the joints and the filling of the pores of the travertine tiles look uniform. The travertine tile Noce tumbled, not filled, convinces with a slightly darker shade and a rustic look.

    Travertine tiles – filled and polished

    You can use travertine tiles filled and polished in an exceptionally cozy atmosphere. The Classic Light variant, for example, is available with this surface treatment. In this variant, the pores of the travertine are grouted with cement. The closed surface is then polished. This treatment leaves the natural stone structure visible, but it has a mild and pleasing effect. In combination with the delicate and warm colors of the travertine tiles, a harmonious look is created.

    Brilliant effects with travertine tiles – filled and polished

    Travertine tiles, the surface of which was first filled and then polished, appear timeless and noble. The tiles’ lovely shimmer spread as floor or wall covering gives every living room a new shine. The timeless travertine tile Romano Classico with a timeless yellow-beige color, obtained near Rome in Italy, is available from us with a spatula and polished surface.

    Laying travertine tiles

    As with all-natural stone tiles, the appearance of the floor or wall covering is strongly influenced by the laying technology. The “Roman Association” is very popular with travertine tiles. Here four different formats of the travertine tile are laid together. This loosens the area and creates an exciting look and an exclusive ambiance.

    When laying travertine tiles, we recommend that you first mix the delivered natural stone tiles from different packages. Since it is a natural product, there are always deviations in the colors.